Product Protector

Product ProtectorThe Original Product Protector is custom built to your forklift carriage, fork thickness and load backrest measurements (Picture and measurement form attached). The measurements are critical to the success and longevity of the unit. Its engineering design displaces impact forces using the forks as solid support in the center and an outside edge/rear support to buttress against bending when the pallet is entered at an angle. The faceplate gives a full length contact surface to the pallet risers and lead board while protecting the pallet and product from contacting the fork radius and fork shank.

All contact the pallet center riser or block below and before the lead board which is the best way to prevent pallet damage.
Product Protector All have our unique pivot function which allows the lower component to pivot up and out of the way when backing out of racks, truck locks, dock plates or any floor obstructions. This prevents damage to your equipment and increases the useful life of the unit as well as its ROI.
All are made from 1.0" solid steel bar and have sustained frontal impact forces of 30K without a failure All are Zinc Coated to prevent corrosion.
The UHMW wear pads are the most durable, impact resistant polymer available.

>Our newest model, the PPS2-812 is 12.25" wide, pictures attached and is able to contact the center risers of four stringer pallets where the center risers are 10" apart.
The PPS2-812 unit weight is 27 lbs.

Product Protector

The PPS2-Wide has a wider 16.25" UHMW wear pad gives a greater contact target and can handle virtually any four stringer pallet.
A short video on the PPS2-wide, by Millwood Pallets, is available here: Scroll down to video.
It, like our other models, contacts the pallet center risers below the pallet lead board and holds the pallet away from the forks. The PPS2-Wide weighs 40 lbs.

All models are also available for class 3 carriages (20" tall).

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Product Protector Product Protector


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